Translation From English or Love Knows No Borders

First, Lyubov and Brian found each other via the Internet, and then her new pen friend from the United Kingdom invited Lyubov to visit him. The story had a happy end - last May Lyubov and Brian got married
Lyubov Koverko was known as an excellent hairdresser all over Shklov. She used to work in a local communal services center and then switched to working at home or visiting her clients. After she got a bit tired of the routine, she decided to drastically change her business (besides, Shklov is a small town, with few clients, and Lyubov could not charge her many friends) and opened a matrimonial agency.

It happened so that the owner of the agency became its first client. First, Lyubov and Brian found each other via the Internet, and then her new pen friend from the United Kingdom invited Lyubov to visit him. The story had a happy end - last May Lyubov and Brian got married.

The newly weds spent a couple of months in England, in a small town of Brandon near Cambridge, but she was not happy in Albion. Brian said at once that if Lyuba did not feel at home, he would move with her anywhere in the world. His wife chose Belarus.

"I will be able to live only in Belarus," Lyubov explained. "My children of the first marriage live in Mogilev."

Last October Brian and Lyubov moved to Belarus. To resettle he had to give up his job and retire ahead of time. It seems he did not care too much:

"I started working when I was 14, so it´s time to have a rest."

Indeed, he had to work a lot: he started at his father´s farm, and then had a farm of his own; he moved to Australia and spent 10 years there managing a construction company; he then got back home and headed the security service in a large company for 12 years.

After they moved to Belarus Lyubov and Brian settled in the wooden house that Lyubov received from her parents. It is not easy to find them at home, though: the young marrieds hopscotch all over Belarus: they may stop with Lyuba´s daughter Irina in Mogilev, or with her sons Sasha and Zhenya. They also bought a beautiful house made of red brick in the Minsk Region, and Lyubov and Brian often go there to tend their garden.

Brian got used to his new relatives quickly, and grew very fond of them all. Together with his wife he redecorates the rooms of his foster sons, and does his best to help Lyuba raise little Nastya, who will be three years old this September.

As for their own house, they had to travel all over Belarus before they found it. The red bricks remind Brian of England, besides, their new cottage towers above forests and a lake like a small castle.

Brian likes his new neighbors for their kindness and openness. He is always happy to see a horse with a cart, and calls this transport "Ferrari". Generally speaking, Brian experiences another youth...

Lyuba was pleasantly surprised by Brian´s diligence, modesty and easiness: she had always thought all Englishmen were prudish, exigent and pedantic. Moreover, he does not drink, and he is not fastidious: Brian eats whatever she cooks, although the Belarusian and British cuisines differ much. He also gets pleasure from cooking, Lyuba´s husband. In a word, he is someone she has always dreamed of.

Mister Peacock says he has never felt sorry to leave England, where his daughter, son and four grandchildren live. He is certain he will never leave Belarus.

"My relatives will be visiting me here," Brian believes. "They will very soon make sure that Belarus is the best place for middle-aged and elderly foreigners. Prices are not high here, and pensions are enough for a worthy living. Besides, picturesque landscapes and plenty of land guarantee peace and quiet."

Mister Peacock is certain his fellow-countrymen will fall in love with Belarus once they visit it and will all spend their vacations here. But most importantly, Brian found his love, his Lyuba here.

Irina Mendeleva
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