Transit bogs for common cranes

Belarus among top three countries for EuroBirdwatch

According to APB-Birdlife Belarus public organisation, which co-ordinates the event in our country, this year, 5,067 Belarusians logged almost 26,000 birds across the Republic. In terms of participants, Belarus was third among 37 European states; Russia led, with 17,993 people. Switzerland — which co-ordinates the EuroBirdwatch — came second, with 5,382 participants. In fourth place, Poland had 3,500 people taking part, followed by Hungary with 2,465.

In total, over 40,000 Europeans were involved in the two day bird-watching event, with over four million feathered friends registered. In many countries, the common starling was among the most observed. In Belarus, rooks, common cranes and jackdaws were most often logged. Rare birds, including black-throated loons, greenshanks, black kites, hobbies and white-tailed eagles, were also registered. In total, 25,986 birds of 95 varieties were observed in Belarus.

The common crane is of special interest, as it migrates through Belarus, seeking marsh lands in which to settle. Clearly, Belarusian bogs are essential for these migratory birds. The European co-ordinators of the EuroBirdwatch-2011 event noted significant numbers of cranes in Belarus’ Yelnya Reserve — one of the largest raised bogs in Belarus and in Europe.

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