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Traditional art forms in contemporary style

Reconstructed late 19th century batleika (puppet theatre) to be relaunched during Day of Written Language in Bykhov
By Mikhail Vetrov

The Mogilev Regional Art Museum (honouring P. V. Maslennikov) has prepared an intensive programme to mark the 20th Day of Belarusian Written Language: celebrated in Bykhov from August 31st to September 1st. “We’ll tell everyone about the Mogilev Region’s historical influence, in three stages,” explains Svetlana Strogina, Deputy Director of the Art Museum. The first section of its Exhibition of Artistic Works: Native Land’s History and Legacy will include works by painters from Bykhov and the surrounding region. Visitors to the open air gallery will be able to see lyrical landscapes, dedicated to Bykhov’s streets and architectural monuments, by artists from Belarus, Russia, Ukraine and Serbia.

The second section will cover artworks depicting images of Mstislavl and Shklov, created during international outside workshops: Images of the Motherland in Pictorial Art. Works have been selected for portraying towns having previously hosted the Day of Belarusian Written Language. “The pictures capture ancient architectural monuments dating back to the 16th-19th century,” explains Ms. Strogina. “Among the sites are Assumption Monastery in Pustynki village, St. Onufry Monastery, Alexander Nevsky Church and Slobodskaya Church. From the Shklov District, we have Victor Alshevsky’s Old Key of the Town of Shklov and The Shklov Tower, alongside Anatoly Kontsub’s Golden Morning in Shklov. I believe that everyone visiting the exhibition will discover unique places they’d like to later visit.”

The late 19th century batleika (puppet theatre), in the Bykhov District’s village of Bych, is being restored, thanks to Shchodra creative group, from the Mogilev Regional Art Museum. The spectators will see religious scenes, interpreting the Ten Commandments from the Old Testament.
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