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Tradition of meeting on merry occasion

Professional holidays are an amazing tradition. In the middle of grey working days, we suddenly have a significant reason to feel involved with others, seeing that we are not alone in our thoughts, hopes and doubts
By Victoria Popova

Nesvizh Castle recently hosted an official ceremony to mark the Day of Cultural Workers, although this actually falls on October 14th this year. The exquisite castle is the perfect meeting place for such an event, being a beautiful setting for evening dress.

The event was opened by the First Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration, Alexander Radkov, who delivered a message from Mr. Lukashenko to cultural workers: ‘In recent years, our culture has been developed more actively than ever before, gaining worldwide recognition. We will always support those who create masterpieces worthy of our time, by their talent and skills. I hope that, on this special day, you receive a sea of flowers and applause. Accept our sincere recognition for your dedicated service to the motherland.’

In one of the most magnificent halls of the palace — the Theatre Hall — Mr. Radkov delivered thanks from the President’s Administration to cultural workers. Awards were bestowed from the Ministry of Culture and Culture Minister Pavel Latushko announced some interesting forthcoming events: BelExpo, held in Minsk in late November, will include a triennial of contemporary art. 

Representatives of the film industry agreed that, over the last year, they’ve achieved a great deal. Meanwhile, museum workers had their Museums of Belarus International Forum. A major priority of the Ministry of Culture is legislative reform next year, notes Mr. Latushko, “We’re initiating changes to the law regarding libraries and librarianship, and folk art and crafts, drafting a Code of Culture.”

A concert of classical music closed the pleasant ceremony, followed by informal chatting and many photos were taken against the background of the palace’s magnificent interiors. When next will they witness such a pleasant occasion?
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