Trading in Emission Quotas

The Belarusian government approved an action plan to implement the provisions of the Kyoto Protocol in Belarus. The Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Ministry is responsible for coordinating Belarus’ efforts in meeting the Kyoto obligations
The Kyoto Protocol, which aims to slow down global warming, came into effect on February 16, 2005 for 128 countries. The document demands a 5.2% cut in greenhouse gas emissions from the industrialized world as a whole, by 2012. Each country has been set its own individual targets according to its pollution levels. Belarus plans to draft by July 2006 the strategies to curb greenhouse emissions and sell its emission credits, or quotas, in the scope of the Kyoto

Emissions trading works by allowing countries to buy and sell their agreed allowances of greenhouse gas emissions.
Highly polluting countries can buy unused credits from those which are allowed to emit more than they actually do.
Belarus’ may emit up to 150 million tonnes of greenhouse gases a year in line with its Kyoto obligations.
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