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Trademark on wave of great popularity

Belarusian products enjoy popularity across Russia
By Sergey Ivanov

Belarusian brands are known across Russia as being of extremely high quality. Russians love our meat and dairy goods, our confectionery, footwear, clothes and furniture. Yandex enterprise has been working hard to promote and distribute Belarusian goods. Every week, it receives around 150,000 enquiries from people seeking out Belarusian produce online and from fairs.

Clothes are the most popular item, with Russians — especially Muscovites — most interested in our knitwear, underwear, dresses and suits. Furniture is the second biggest generator of income: especially Belarusian oak-made kitchen sets. Cosmetics come in third in terms of sales. Many customers desire information on branded stores selling Belarusian cosmetics in the main Russian cities.

Our construction and decoration products also enjoy demand in Russia, with buyers keen to purchase doors made of solid wood and bathroom tiles. Belarusian refrigerators, wood processing tools and rototillers are also popular, while there are quite a few enquiries for tractors and truck-tractors.
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