Trade partners

Belarus’ foreign trade turnover up 34% on year in January–June to $19 billion
Belarus’ foreign trade turnover in January–June reached $19.4 billion, a rise of 34% on the year, according to an official in the Foreign Ministry.
The CIS accounted for 54.6% of Belarus’ overall foreign trade turnover, and Russia’s share was at 47.7%. Non-CIS foreign countries accounted for the remaining 45.4%. Belarus’ trade with the CIS increased 32.8% on the year in the period to $10.6 billion.

Exports reached $9.25 billion, up 25.6% on the year, of them $3.8 billion worth of supplies were to the CIS, including $3 billion of exports to Russia, whereas exports to non-CIS foreign countries amounted to $5.5 billion. The Netherlands imported $1.933 billion worth of commodities from Belarus in the period, exports to the UK reached $732.4 million, to Ukraine were at $498.5 million, to Poland amounted to $455.8 million, to Germany were at $408.6 million and to Sweden reached $208.3 million.
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