Tractors aiming for new market

First batch of small-sized Bobruisk tractors headed to Guatemala
The first batch heading to Guatemala comprises four ‘Belarus-311M’ tractors, equipped with three-cylinder engines, manufactured by the Minsk Motor Plant. Each has a 35HP capacity and 4х4 wheel drive, making them suitable for small farming plots, kitchen gardens, vineyards, hothouses and personal plots.

Bobruisk plant has been working on entering the Central American market, supplying Cuba, Mexico and Nicaragua. Our new Guatemalan partners, having witnessed the performance of our tractors in Nicaraguan fields, is keen to launch joint promotion on the local market.

According to preliminary data, the enterprise has increased export figures thanks to new commodity markets far abroad and through production advancement on traditional markets. The first half of 2016 has seen a 105 percent rise on the similar period of last year. 

Bobruisk Plant of Tractor Parts and Units specialises in the manufacture of spare parts for ‘Belarus’ tractors and, since 2007, has produced ‘Belarus-320’ tractors. It now makes nine tractor models, with a capacity of between 30HP and 62HP.

By Vladimir Velikhov

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