Tractor-generated billions of Dollars

Minsk Tractor Works enjoys second ‘youth’, having manufactured and sold 59,000 vehicles in 2011: 14,536 more than in 2010

By Vladimir Yakovlevsky

Almost all the company’s manufactures were exported last year, with total revenue exceeding $1bn. In all, 57 countries purchased Minsk-made tractors, including Sweden, Lithuania, Estonia, Germany and France.

An almost identical trend was observed in 2010, perhaps due to MTZ’s recent attention to innovative design. Its powerful tractors include an experimental batch of 355HP vehicles. Products meet the strictest ecological standards (such as the 3В eco-standard, which is highly praised by professionals).

MTZ’s electro-mechanic transmission tractor won a silver medal for innovation at the International Agritechnica-2011 Fair in German Hanover recently. Unsurprisingly, its sales market is ever expanding. Twenty assembly facilities now operate across 12 countries (using Belarusian components) — proving profitable to all sides.

The Minsk Tractor Works is soon to demonstrate its traditional and new vehicles at international exhibitions in Greece and Bulgaria. Meanwhile, in 2012, at least 65,000 tractors and other vehicles will be produced.

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