Top three leaders with super-speed Internet access

Belarus is among the top three countries offering subscribers connection speeds of 1Gbit/s, notes Canadian SecDev Corp, alongside the USA and Sweden
Behind the USA, Sweden and Belarus is Canada, with a speed of 940Gbit/s for online connection. Most countries’ mass subscribers only receive speeds of 100Mbit/s, via such companies as Ethernet and xPON. Super-speed Internet access (of at least 1Gbit/s) is offered by some companies to private subscribers, as part of particular projects.

Poland offers speeds of 600Mbit/s, while Lithuania and Spain provide connection at 300Mbit/s and Germany and Latvia at 400Mbit/s. Armenia has just 40Mbit/s, Slovenia offers 15Mbit/s, Tajikistan has 1Mbit/s, and Turkmenistan only 0.5Mbit/s.

“Super-speed Internet is available in Belarus but isn’t in great demand,” notes Atlant Telecom’s technical director, Oleg Gavrilov. “Some minor servers within the Internet can send information at a speed of 1Gbit/s, but receipt is limited by the download speed of the ‘receiving end’. Super-speed Internet is of most interest to large companies and individual private clients. There’s no mass demand for 1Gbit/s in Belarus as yet, but operators can, technically, provide it.”

Belarus’ technological leadership in the sphere of speedy data transmission networks is explained by the mass shift of operators towards Ethernet and XPON technologies. In future, Belarusians will be able to access Internet speeds of 10 and even 100 Gbit/s.

By Alexander Pimenov
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