Tomorrow’s technologies are being tested already today

Only promising sci-tech productions will receive support

Visiting Minsk’s Peleng enterprise, Alexander Lukashenko remarked that enterprises relying on locally available raw materials are to be especially encouraged. “We’ll focus on those enterprises and those of tomorrow, investing primarily in them,” said the Head of State.

State ready to support such promising science-intensive enterprises as Peleng JSC

The President received a report on the current state of affairs and promising directions for the Belarusian defence industry, with emphasis on state-of-the-art weaponry and equipment. The Head of State asked about challenges and economic achievements at Peleng JSC and at other State Military and Industrial Committee enterprises.

Mr. Lukashenko heard about the fulfilment of his instructions to implement projects to create Belarus-made space equipment and viewed equipment, tools and technologies used to assemble space equipment and large-sized optical equipment. The Head of State was shown prototype weaponry samples, made by Belarusian defence industry enterprises, and some pieces of Peleng optical-electronic equipment. The President received a report on future prospects for the space instrument engineering industry as a whole and for Peleng in particular, to which he replied that he is satisfied with the company’s work and pleased by its lack of requests for money.

Chatting with Peleng employees, Mr. Lukashenko mentioned his reasons for visiting the enterprise: primarily to allow him to make comparisons when visiting other enterprises. “You are certainly doing well,” noted the President. “If an executive puts in some effort, there is rarely anything to complain about.” He pointed out that the country treasures executives like Peleng Director General Vladimir Pokryshkin. “In honesty, I didn’t believe he would be able to gain his bearings and create new facilities so quickly,” admitted the President. “I was only interested in one thing: the country feeling secure and having prospects in tomorrow’s world technologies.” As an example Mr. Lukashenko mentioned the construction of the nuclear power plant and the woodworking industry. “We have many breakthrough areas, including in the defence industry,” said the Head of State. “A great many tasks have been assigned and you and I will be ‘examined’ by the Belarusian nation, being asked to report on the cutting-edge elements we’ve created. People need to see that our country has a future. You have accomplished one task and have prospects, as well as your own money.” Mr. Lukashenko went on to say that progress must continue: ‘particularly in these complicated times, when it is important to keep going forward’. He added, “I came here to see what you can do with your own hands to make sure that Belarus can produce everything that is made worldwide, including in the space industry.”

The President inspected new and promising samples of military industrial production, including communications equipment, computer-driven control systems, optic devices for various purposes, those for radiation environment control and robotic technology. All enjoy major demand worldwide, with radiation control devices eagerly bought in the USA. Some items are unrivalled worldwide, being used by the IAEA, while Persian Gulf states are queuing to purchase Belarus-made optic devices.

Space technologies enjoy their own workshop at Peleng, which assembles satellites such as were once only constructed near Moscow, at the Energia Rocket and Space Corporation, and at Baikonur. High-tech production is now taking place in Minsk, confirming the country’s membership of the space club. Working with the Russians and Chinese, we are fulfilling joint projects in all seriousness, as the President of the People’s Republic of China, Xi Jinping, is sure to see on his forthcoming trip to Belarus.

Meanwhile, Belarus is gradually developing its military industry, with various samples of weaponry and related machinery soon to go on show, at a parade to honour the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory.

By Vasily Kharitonov
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