To meet with Pope

Pilgrims from Belarus will set out on a trip to Poland to meet with Pope Benedict XVI
The Pope is to visit Belarus’ western neighbor in late May. The Polish episcopacy is expected to invite Belarusian Catholics to take part in the festivities.

The Roman Catholic Church in Belarus will have a special train to help Belarusian Catholics meet with the Pope.

A delegation from Vatican has completed its preparation of the visit of Benedict XVI to Poland. The delegation toured Poland to see the locations where the Pope will be staying. Benedict XVI is to visit Krakow, Jasna Gora (Bright Mount in Polish) sanctuary in Czestochowa, as well as Wadowice, the place where Pope John Paul II
was born.

His Eminence Cardinal Kazimir Svyontak told a meeting with the intellectuals and media dedicated to John Paul II that Pope John Paul II had planned to visit Belarus in 2006–2008, but his disease and death made the visit impossible. At the same time, His Eminence is certain Pope Benedict XVI may pay a visit to Belarus, as there are no obstacles.

Pope Benedict XVI said he was eager to meet Catholics all over the world, and may include Belarus in the list of the countries to visit.
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