To have a rest and to heal? You are welcome!

Residents of the southern regions of the planet like the green of Belarusian forests, coolness of lakes and cleanness of springs very much… After stone cities and polluted autobahns Europeans valuate these corners of primeval nature, stores of clean water, its saturation with minerals, useful for organism
Belarus possesses great riches — nearly 50 percents of mineral water in Europe are in our depths. We literally bathe in the water of the highest quality, which in other latitudes because of its sharp deficiency people consume “a tea-spoon per day”. This is why there are many people, willing to correct their health in Belarus. 

Director of the Republican Centre on rehabilitation and sanatorium-resort therapy of population, a candidate of medical sciences Nikolay Mazur noted, that during the last year the number of foreign citizens, which rehabilitated in Belarusian sanatoriums, amounted to more than 51 thousand people and increased almost twice in comparison with the previous year. 

On the whole, to Belarus come the citizens of Russia, Baltic countries, Israel and Germany to have a rest and to heal. Besides, one citizen from Germany has visited our sanatoriums 17 times for the last several years! Very often foreign citizens come with their children. Those, who don’t know a foreign language, take interpreters with them.

On the whole, at the expense of the newcomers we managed to earn more than 15 million US Dollars in 2007. 

Rumos about quality of Belarusian rehabilitation spread very quickly abroad. That is why, according to the plan, this year Belarusian sanatoriums should “increase” the foreigners by 12 percents. But Nikolay Mazur considers, that the forecast of 15–20 percents is rather real. 

Money, earned by health resorts, are not spent, but invested into marketing, reference books, advertisement, and the main thing — into development of a healing base. Last year for these purposes investments were attracted to the amount of 133 billion US Dollars. 

Specialists don’t doubt: this year should be a record for the country by number of foreigners, who will visit us.

Anna Bondarchuk
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