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In the Gomel’s City Youth Theatre they performed a modern criminal drama

To feel time is the duty of the director

By Alena Petrova

In the Gomel’s City Youth Theatre they performed a modern criminal drama

Yuri Vuta, Head and Art Director of the theatre, couldn’t get around the fact that in the Gomel Region, both female colonies of Belarus are situated, and he has decided to stage Kopciuszek (Cinderella), a drama, by Janusz Głowacki, a Polish writer, dissident and journalist. The performance portrays the betrayals and manipulation of a woman.

The tragic role of Cinderella (actress Valentina Ilyukevich) and the laws of ‘a wolf pack’ of women-condemned (Alesya Bordukhaeva-Oryol, Natalia Golubeva, Irina Shapetko, etc.), and the terrible methods of the deputy of the colony (Galina Anchishkina) and an unscrupulous director (Andrey Bordukhaev-Oryol), who is shooting a film in the prison, keep the feelings of the audience tensely strained — leading to tears in the finale.

Yuri Vuta notes, “This play, written in 1978, first was performed by theatres in England and America. After 35 years, I’ve taken this material, too, and it’s as relevant, as it was before. We intend to make a joint action with the Gomel’s City Department of Education — to organise showings of the performance for teenagers, including screwed-up kids. We are a youth theatre, and we shouldn’t forget about our target audience”. And he adds, “One of the duties of a director is to feel time!” Mr. Vuta and his Gomel’s City Youth Theatre feel it.
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