Timely proposal found unanimous support

Eastern European group of UNO member-states approved Belarusian initiative
Eastern European group of UNO member-states unanimously approved Belarusian initiative on allocating additional space for this regional group in the composition of UNO General Committee. It was reported by Andrei Dapkiunas, the Permanent Representative of Belarus at UNO.

Unprecedented simultaneous execution of the official co-authorship of the draft resolution of the General Assembly by representatives of twenty three countries of Eastern Europe, which was prepared by Belarusian diplomats, took place during the conference of Heads of diplomatic missions of Eastern European group countries.

Since the last increase in composition of the UNO General Committee almost thirty years ago the composition of UNO member-states of Eastern European group has increased more than twice — from 11 to 23 countries. However, as Andrei Dapkiunas clarified, only now in the result of initiative step of Belarus in practice for the first time the question is raised on the necessity of allocation of the additional post of the Deputy Chairman of UNO General Assembly to the Eastern Europe countries.
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