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Over 5.000 enterprises have already started modernization process

More than 5 000 enterprises of Belarus have their programs of modernization and have already started implementing them

About this was announced by Deputy Prime Minister Petr Prokopovich at the opening of the Belarusian Industrial Forum. At the same time, so far 20–25 % of enterprises are preparing to modernization. They prepare construction documents, business plans, credit lines, but in the next 2–3 months they actually will set up to carry out of their projects, Petr Prokopovich added.

«Comprehensive modernization of the economy of the all country means not only carrying out technical transformation: introduction of new technologies, achievement of science, industry, new kinds of goods and products. It is also about economic modernization, implementation of the most advanced systems of management that will enhance the competitiveness of products», — the Vice Premier told.

On the exhibition «BelPromEnergo» during the forum are demonstrated the most significant achievements, which are now in the industry, energy, renewable energy sources. «All of this is really necessary to introduce at our facilities»,  — Petr  Prokopovich think. Therefore, a forum for the national economy is very important just now, when the country embarked on a major modernization. «At the forum we should strive to make new investment agreements, to solve the issues of creating new businesses. It is very important that the forum events were aimed at addressing the major challenges: through the modernization of the economy, increase productivity it is necessary to raise the standard of living of our people in accordance with the Program of socio-economic development for 2011–2015, it is necessary to increase the competitiveness of the products and on this basis to significantly increase the export potential», — the Vice Premier said.  However, he recalled that task of industry is to export 80–85 % of all products.

It is also important, Petr Prokopovich added that technical modernization pass off on the backdrop of environmental issues. «Modernization without ecology does not happen, it is interconnected», — he stated. «The future of the world economy is in renewable forms of energy. It is and our perspective. Therefore, solving the problems of modernization on each individual enterprise, we can’t to get these problems», — the Vice Premier thinks. Energy efficiency, energy saving and resource conservation — it is a single task, which decides Belarus in the comprehensive modernization.

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