Political activity continues all year round

Time, rich in events

Political activity continues all year round, there always being a need to make plans, and find solutions to difficult economic situations. There’s no time to lose when goals are ambitious. Much needs to be done today, not tomorrow.

The All-Belarusian People’s Congress is obviously a vital political event in the calendar, determining the movement of the country for, at least, the coming five years. The collective position formed at such sessions is of principal importance.

An event more international in character should be mentioned here: the Shanghai Co-operation Organization (SCO) Summit, attended by Belarus as an observer for the first time recently.

The country is gradually but confidently occupying a full place within influential global structures. Initially, the SCO focused primarily on inter-regional activities, aiming to suppress terrorism, separatism and extremism in Central Asia. In the course of its development, it has supplemented issues of security with economic aspects, including those relating to power engineering, transport, agribusiness, telecommunications, and humanitarian interaction. According to the President of Belarus, economic cooperation should be a central theme of the SCO interaction. This topic is further explored in ‘Roadmap’ of Active Actions.

Life’s rich beauty covers all manner of spheres beyond the political, as we detail in Village Within the City. It states: ‘Just six years ago, there was a vacant plot on the outskirts of the city. However, proximity to the Belarusian State Medical University and the underground has created a different landscape entirely. Seven beautiful high-rise buildings have now appeared, forming the ‘Student Village’. It took several years for the brand-new hostels to become surrounded by shops. A sports complex was built and, not long ago, a nursery opened, attracting babies not only from student families but from the neighbouring suburb of Brilevichi. A hotel, a clinic, various services, underground car parks and a cultural-and-entertainment centre will soon open there. Local infrastructure should rival that of some European university campuses.’

In gaining sovereignty in 1991, Belarus launched a new stage of development in national art. Years of independence have brought significant change to society and culture, launching rapid modernisation, and the realisation of intellectual and creative potential. The ‘Art of Sovereign Belarus’ exhibition at the National Art Museum reveals features of domestic art development against a legacy of traditions, as well as artistic succession and experimentation. Read Pictures as Facts from the Country’s Biography to learn more or, better still, visit the exhibition in person. It’s clearly worthwhile.

By Victor Kharkov
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