Time of IT-Ecology

The international scientific conference “Sakharov Readings 2006: Ecological Problems of XXI Century” was held in Minsk, in International A.D. Sakharov State Ecological University
Over 200 scientists from Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Lithuania, Kyrgyzstan, Slovakia, Germany, France, Israel and other countries took part in the conference.

It is essential for ecologists not only to preserve the “habitat”, but also to use modern technologies in their endeavors. The participants in the conference noted that large-scale monitoring of environment is impossible without state-of-the-art information technologies. Scientists and leading ecologists were recommended to create and utilize new ecological information systems and databanks and make use of modern data processing technologies.

The conference addressed the development of medical ecology, biological monitoring, biological indication, bioecology and radioecology.

The final document approved at the end of the conference noted that the state of environment under man-caused influence was the key factor of life safety in modern society. It is important to address and resolve modern ecological problems to secure sustainable development of Belarus and other countries of the world. The scientists called on the world community to redouble efforts to study and minimize the consequences of the Chernobyl disaster and supported a comprehensive exchange of information and international cooperation in ecology.

by Ivan Ivanov
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