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Ticket to the future for determined graduates

Prosperity, stability, and peaceful existence of Belarus are in the hands of our young people
Prosperity, stability, and peaceful existence of Belarus are in the hands of our young people, noted President Alexander Lukashenko, speaking at the national ball for university graduates.

Alexander Lukashenko with participants of the national ball for university graduates

The Head of State called on young people to seek their future in Belarus. “I say this not only because I am the president but because it is your land. You will always be needed and will always feel at home here. Your knowledge, skills and enterprising spirit will always be in demand. Love your country and work for its benefit. Apart from achieving material wealth, you will earn the respect of your compatriots, which is more important than money.”

The President emphasised that the Belarusian nation may look to the future with confidence if young people are willing to create opportunities in their own land. He asked them to appreciate the beauty and kindness of the people of their nation, and to remember the importance of respecting traditions passed down from their ancestors as well as making their own contribution for future generations.

The Head of State reminded those present that this is the Year of Youth in Belarus, he told the graduates, “This is not unimportant. Your role in all spheres of life is increasing. You are the future.”

Some of the university graduates will build careers in manufacturing businesses, while others will devote themselves to science, business or public administration. “We’re interested in your success. The energy and determination of young people is an important resource in the development of the state. Your success is our success,” said the President.

He noted that the time of responsibility has come for university graduates, when they have to master their chosen profession in practice, create families and to establish their own independent lives. He reminded the young people that they have had an opportunity to receive the most up to date knowledge and skills available. The state has taken care to provide each of them with a guaranteed job. “However, the diploma is only the first step in the formation of a true specialist. I hope that you’ll be able to dedicate yourselves to knowledge, thirst for self-education and respect towards your teachers through your whole life,” added Mr. Lukashenko.

The national ball for university graduates was also attended by representatives of the teaching staff. The President congratulated them, “A teacher performs a very important function in the life of society; they form the future of the nation. The successes of your pupils show that you manage to fulfil this difficult task.”

The President concluded by reminding the graduates of the advantages of a peaceful Belarusian society, he said that, although he would not criticise those who wished to earn money abroad, this is their homeland and they will find no other place like it as it is the place where they were born.
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