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Slavonic international economic forum held in Bryansk

Thoughts on mutual welfare

Over ten agreements on economic co-operation have been signed at the 4th Slavonic International Economic Forum in Bryansk, worth over 40bn Roubles. Belarusian cities sent representative delegations to Bryansk, taking part in negotiating investment contracts.

During the work of the forum

Representatives of authorities and business joined experts in discussing ways of developing the economies of Belarus and Russia, as well as other Slavic states. Sanctions and the current difficulties are encouraging us to care for each other and think about mutual welfare. As a matter of fact, the Gomel Region has liaisons with all Russia, and the Bryansk Region is among the top-five partners in terms of goods turnover, thanks to close economic relations with Gomselmash, metallurgical plants and some others. The Bryansk Region’s goods turnover with Belarus exceeds $800m. 

Mogilevliftmash has made overtures towards Bryansk, which have been accepted. A regional programme of modernisation is essential for the lift industry and co-production is a good path forward. In turn, the Mogilev Region is interested in machinery made at Zhukovsky Motorcycle Plant.

Participants of the forum toured Bryansk Arsenal Plant, discussing possibilities for import-substitution. Bryansk has already begun investment projects to modernise manufacturing and to launch new products at 13 enterprises (at a cost of over 14bn Roubles). Both Arsenal and the Cardboard Factory, Proletariy, located in Surazh, have revamped their manufacturing facilities. According to the Director General of Proletariy, Nikolay Kovtunov, the enterprise is doing well. He explains, “We’re simply producing goods which were once imported from abroad.”

Eko-Kremniy enterprise is using the fall in the Rouble exchange rate to its advantage, with its number of orders on the rise. Sergey Shtepa, who heads nano-manufacturing company Metaclay, tells us that his enterprise has mastered production of traditional ‘Russian-made’ materials for insulating large-diameter pipes. He notes, “Since October, 20 percent of pipes have been insulated with our new material, replacing past imports from Germany and other countries.”

According to Valery Fadeev, who heads Expert Media Holding, such progress confirms the necessity of close interaction between authorities and businesses. Development of ties between the border regions of Russia and Belarus is essential. Over the past seven months, industry in the Bryansk Region has grown by 12 percent, as has been noted by representatives of federal ministries and departments. Co-operation with Belarus is having a positive affect on the economy. Together with neighbours, the Bryansk Region is developing dairy manufacturing and other branches of agriculture.

By Alexander Fiodorov

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