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New oil deposits discovered in the Gomel Region

New oil deposits discovered in the Gomel Region

Belorusneft geologists have discovered a new oil deposit in the northern structural zone of the lansko-starooskol layers at the Rechitsa oil field.

As a result of deeper drilling works at the exploitation well number 148, oil-containing layers with a total depth of 13.4m were opened. The industrial flow of light oil with an output of about 25 tonnes a day was received during testing. According to the specialists, the geological deposits could reach up to 700,000 tonnes. The decision to deepen well 148 was made in February, after the discovery of a deposit in the lansko-starooskol layers of the eastern structural zone of the Rechitsa oil field. At that time, well number 202 was producing almost 100,000 tonnes of oil.

Specialists of BelNIPIneft continued to study the prospects of the oil-and-gas-bearing capacity of the lansko-starooskol layers. After conducting a range of research projects, a zone was allocated in the northern sector of the Rechitsa oil field predicted to have oil-saturated container rocks. The Rechitsa oil field was discovered in 1965 while the lansko-starooskol layers have been industrially developed since 1969.

A programme is currently being developed aimed at the exploration of the northern section of the lansko-starooskol layers and to determine areas for further development. The Belorusneft Production Association was set up in 1966 and the enterprise is involved in searching, developing and exploitation of oil deposits, drilling of wells, the extraction of oil and oil-associated gas in Belarus. It also works in the oil industry in other countries, including Russia, Ukraine, Venezuela and Ecuador.

By Irina Ushakova
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