These kids will grow prominent

Fosterlings of Center for creative children of Partizansky district of Minsk received letter of thanks from President
The letter was an unexpected yet merited present for “Victoria” vocals studio under the Center. Within its three-year history its members regularly won national contests and gained fame abroad. Songs written by Olga Meshkova-Shvets, head of the studio, and her pupils are frequently rotated over the radio and TV.

After the terrorist attack in Beslan Olga wrote “A child’s dream” song and sent it to President of North Ossetia. Soon the song was included into album devoted to Beslan tradegy. It’s no wonder that “A child’s dream” was among most prominent songs of the album, which fosterlings of Center for creative children have sent to Belarusian President on the World Knowledge Day.

And they received a reply letter of thanks signed by Alexander Lukashenko, at the concert devoted to Mother’s Day. In his letter President emphasized that a new generation of active and creative people is growing in Belarus due to associations like “Victoria” studio.
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