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Cheaper to stay at hotels in Belarusian countryside
By Yuri Chernyakevich

Weekends are a time for us to travel into the countryside or to our regional centres, to admire the beauty of nature or to take part in cultural or sporting activities. Of course, accommodation is essential and it’s good to book in advance. Unsurprisingly, it’s cheaper to stay in hotels and guesthouses located further away from main cities.

The Gomel Hotel offers a single room sleeping two people at a cost of Br200-390 thousand per person, while Nadzeya Hotel in Gomel is ready to accommodate guests for Br170-340 thousand.  The Oktyabrskaya Hotel suggests a room for Br300 thousand while Grodno’s Tourist Hotel can provide a similar room for Br280-315 thousand. The city’s smart Semashko Hotel is ready to welcome visitors for Br660-690m thousand. Meanwhile, Grodno’s Neman Hotel charges Br670 thousand.

Brest’s Bug Hotel offers a similar room for Br280-355 thousand while the Pyat Kolets Hotel charges a modest Br266 thousand. Other Brest hotels offer similar prices. The Vesta Hotel can provide a double room for Br372-390 thousand while Brest’s pricier Belarus Hotel charges Br517-611 thousand.

In Mogilev, tourists can stay at the Gubernskaya Hotel, although not everyone may like its prices: perhaps only Russian governors. A double room costs Br651-740 thousand per person. For those on a budget, the Mogilev Hotel may be the ticket, charging just Br250-370 thousand.

Hotel prices in Vitebsk are similar, with a double room costing up to Br320 thousand at the Zolotoi Telenok Hotel; the Vetraz Hotel offers rooms from Br390-580 thousand.

If you decide to admire Minsk’s sights, you may need to pay Br583 thousand for a double room in Zaslavl. Famous Nesvizh, where the noble Radziwill magnates of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania once lived, offers slightly cheaper prices; Nesvizh’s Gorodeisky Falvarok offers rooms for Br380 thousand. The local hostel, with its communal facilities, charges just Br209 thousand.

Prices are much lower in the district centres. For example, the Vitebsk Region’s Glubokoe (homeland of Pavel Sukhoi, Yazep Drozdovich and Ignaty Buinitsky) offers a double room for Br159-228 thousand while the Brest Region’s ancient Pinsk (boasting interesting architectural monuments) charges a very modest Br124 thousand at the Aelita Hotel. Pinsk’s Volna’s is only a little more expensive, charging Br170 thousand.

Slonim’s Albertin Hotel (in the Grodno Region) costs Br144 thousand for a double. At the Besed Hotel in the Mogilev Region’s Khotimsk, you can find a double room for Br43,740 per person. Meanwhile, the Vitebsk Region’s Verkhnedvinsk charges a modest Br52,000 per person. 
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