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Wars and conflicts occurring in the world should not cross the borders of Belarus

The world has become ever more dangerous

At a meeting between the President and the executive personnel of the law enforcement agencies, a recurrent theme was that wars and conflicts occurring in the world should not cross the borders of Belarus
At a meeting between the President and the executive personnel of the law enforcement agencies, a recurrent theme was that wars and conflicts occurring in the world should not cross the borders of Belarus

Securities in Europe depends on everyoneAlexander Lukashenko, in particular, announced the necessity of the immediate realisation that the modern world is changing and becoming more dangerous. He pointed out that a number of states have been unexpectedly plunged into the abyss of civil war and international conflict.

The President stressed that displays of force should not cross the borders of Belarus.

According to Mr Lukashenko, the combat operations zone currently covers the Middle East, Northern and Central Africa, whilst many European countries have become targets for terrorist attacks, and various colour revolutions aim to destabilise not only separate states, but also whole regions.

The President is confident that war in the Ukraine will cease on the basis of the Minsk agreements, “Today there is the hope that the world community, based on the Minsk terms of settlement for the Ukrainian crisis, will make efforts to stop this civil war. Not only the Ukrainians, but the European union, Belarus, and Russia also need it,” he emphasised.

The President further went on to speak of the threat of nationalist and radical ideas and doctrines being ‘imported’ to Belarus. “In the current conditions of increased real and potential threats to the national safety of Belarus, we should take all measures to maintain our independence and protect our future,” he declared.

He added that, despite difficult economic conditions, Belarus has managed to equip our law enforcement bodies and the army with the most advanced armaments and military equipment available. The country has a reliable system of territorial defence and necessary reserves in case of conflict and unforeseen situations.

At the meeting, Alexander Lukashenko announced that the West has recognised the role of Belarus in the European security, “It will have been noted that we have recently received visits from high-level representatives of the Western states. Those who are of a different view say this is for my own pre-election promotion; this grieves but does not disturb me. The main thing is that it is for the good of our state. Ukraine, Russia, and the West have expressed their gratitude to us. The Western representatives come to us with practical purposes I mind and I support them in this respect. They understand what is important to European security and the role Belarus plays in this. They are keen to co-operate with us for the sake of the wider safety of Europe. We say to them that we are always open to this.”

According to the President, Belarus consistently supports the development of equitable and mutually advantageous relations with various states. “We do not make territorial challenges to anybody, we do not create any problems in our border zones, we are reliable partners in security, good neighbourliness and co-operation, we fulfil all promises and international agreements. We respect the sovereign rights of all nations and expect the same attitude to our country from other states,” he said.

The President noted the importance of operative decision-making in the field of migration policy, “The task is not to allow the penetration of gunmen and criminal elements to our country, but at the same time to be respectful accepting those who come to us with benign intentions.” He praised the measures taken by our state agencies, which have allowed the swift resolution of the question of assisting those who have suffered as a result of armed conflict in Ukraine. “On the whole, the efforts of the law enforcement agencies have allowed us to provide an appropriate level of public safety in our country,” Mr Lukashenko said.

He reminded the meeting that the current task of our internal troops is to increase their efficiency and performance in service and fighting tasks.

Addressing cadets at the department of internal troops, tomorrow’s officers, the President told them, “You have chosen a difficult but responsible and honourable profession. Throughout history, officers were notable for their honour, ability to show courage and firmness where the protection of our families, the needy and our native land are concerned. High moral qualities, honesty, decency and professionalism are expected from our people by those who work in all our security agencies.”

By Vladimir Khromov
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