The National Science Academy’s Institute for Experimental Botany is implementing the project on study of the upland swamps of Belarus; the financing of the project has been taken upon the Institute for Earth’s Surface Monitoring in Boston
Within the frame of the project more than 70 scientists from England, Holland, Switzerland, the USA, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sri Lanka and other countries have already visited Belarus as tourists.

Eco and scientific tourism services are mutually beneficial. Scientists from abroad help Belarusian botanists to carry out researches on voluntarily basis, and the foreign guests get an opportunity to take part in expeditions around the unique natural sites of Belarus, to see the flora and fauna, to study the upland swamps that can be found in their natural form.

For example, during an expedition around marshy lands “Cheremshitsy” and “Djagili” the scientists from the Institute for Experimental Botany together with the colleagues from Canada, France, the USA and Japan have carried out a detailed eco-phytocoenotic research, as a result of which some places of habitat of dwarf birch that is quite rare for Belarus were found. In addition the researchers have made a list of berry fields and plants that can be used for medical and household purposes.
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