The principle of dominoes

Quad Guinness record holder demonstrated his new achievement
Alexander Bendikov allowed reporters to take photos of his pyramid and… destroyed it with a blow, thus everyone could see he didn’t use glue.
Alexander Bendikov from Mogilev has now four Guinness records! He already made a pyramid of 410,040 beer lids, placed 522 dominoes over one and played with coins: first he placed a pyramid of 880 coins over the edge of one and then put a tower of 257 coins over one! That was a positive financial pyramid!

In June 2003 Alexander tried to beat his own record in “Centralny” general store in Mogilev: his aim was to place at least 556 dominoes over one. But the tower collapsed with the 290th “brick”… And later Matias Aish from Germany outmatched Bendikov’s record with 726 dominoes.

Bendikov showed reporters a tower made of 727 dominoes placed over one tile. This construction stood in his apartment for several days. It was already clear Bendikov had achieved another record but… “You know, I like 777 number rather than 727,” — Alexander told reporters who came to put the record. And began to add the pyramid with more tiles. One, another one, ten more tiles… Silent reporters observed the unusual construction. Another 56 tiles and 783 in total!

“I am not going to change my hobby and I will astonish you with new records in the nearest future,” — says the record holder. It’s interesting, what will be Matias Aish’s response?
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