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The national squad of Belarus — among elite of world women’s tennis

Belarusian tennis players eventually break Russian opposition at Luzhniki Sports Arena, to reach World Group
Belarusian tennis players eventually break Russian opposition at Luzhniki Sports Arena, to reach World Group

Alexandra Sasnovich shows determination and character

Victoria Azarenko helps her team

On the first match day, Alexandra Sasnovich lost to Darya Kasatkina and Victoria Azarenko defeated Margarita Gasparyan, in the struggle to join the elite division in the unofficial women’s team championship. Later, Victoria beat Darya Kasatkina and the Belarusian team led — 2:1. Victoria’s success enabled our sportswomen to breathe more freely but did not guarantee a place in the World Group. With this in mind, Azarenko admitted that she was ready to play in the doubles.

21-year-old Margarita Gasparyan (Russia) and 22-year-old Alexandra Sasnovich (Belarus) were next to face each other on court, having met three times previously in ITF matches. Gasparyan had won twice, but it was the Belarusian who celebrated success this time. After the previous defeat, Alexandra was unpleased with her performance and lost the first set. However, then she concentrated to bring an important point to our team, winning 4:6, 6:1, 7:5.

After that success, Belarus was leading 3:1 against Russia, making the final match no more than a formality. The Russian team — which had won the Federation Cup four times — suffered its first loss in a long time, while Belarus celebrated success. Despite some provocative Russian fans, Belarusian tennis players managed to break the Russians’ spirit and celebrated a truly historical achievement.

With Victory!

The President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, congratulated the national women’s tennis team. His message reads: ‘The Belarusian women’s tennis squad has worthily taken its place in the World Group of the Federation Cup. You achieved this historical win after a severe struggle against the Russian tennis players in Moscow. All our citizens followed these intense matches, where you demonstrated supreme endurance and determination to gain victory. Thank you very much for this win!’

The President expressed confidence that the Belarusian tennis players would continue their victorious streak, inspiring others and enjoying an unforgettable experience, representing Belarus at major tennis tournaments.

By Kirill Karin
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