The Man Who Found Everything

“A student of Belarusian State University has won the Web searching cup in Moscow
He is known in the Web as Monk. Sometimes he shines in programmers’ competitions, besides, he arouses everyone’s wonder by his ability to find at lightning speed the necessary information during the popular youth game “Skhvatka”. In “real space” this unicum is Igor Makhanek, a fifth-year student of the Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Information Technology at the BSU. This time the Belarusian student proved to be the best among 10 thousand participants of the Web search championship that was organized by Yandex, one of the most popular Russian search engines.

In this competition one cannot do without erudition and quick reaction. The organizers ask catchy questions that the participants have to answer as promptly as possible, while they can use only the Internet for assistance. On the average, the championship’s participants answered within 150 seconds.

By the way, at the BSU Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Information Technology no one was surprised at Makhanek’s victory. Every year their students bring prestigious awards from international contests and competitions. “Igor started to study programming seriously when still at school, — says the senior lecturer of the Department of Programming Technology, Ekaterina Pazyura. — Such an early start enables a person to become a skilled programmer by the 2nd or 3rd year at the university and develop high-level Internet projects, for instance”. And participation in search competitions for students is a chance not only to demonstrate one’s Internet skills, but also one’s intellect.
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