The lights of hostels are so temptingly lit

What is holding back the development of economy hotels in Belarus?

What is holding back the development of economy hotels in Belarus?

In order to attract tourists to the country, only one PR of national sights is low. Need yet and budget hotels. It’s starting to realize in Belarus. One by one, hostels are opened in the country. This is a small hotel, more like as a hostel: rooms with multiple beds, without any amenities. What is most importantly in it? The price tag. For beds per day in average asking $ 20.

Eight plus one

Really, how many of those, who will dwelt in the «four-star» just to look at the Mir Castle or the National Library?  And if all the fans the World Championship for ice hockey in 2014 will be able to find budget roof over them head? It is unlikely that every second of hockey fans – Rockefeller.

The first hostel opened in Minsk in 2011, now there are eight in the capital, another – in Vitebsk. Of course, for two-million Minsk this quantity is clearly not enough. For example, in a comparable for population Warsaw are more than forty mini-hotels. And in a number of major European cities there are a hundred and more. Europe has long been reproduce hostels and earns for the traveling youth – mostly tourist contingent.

– Belarus needs two-and three-star hotels and hostels, otherwise will be no tourism, alone excursions, – Director of the Department of Tourism of the Ministry of Sports Vadim Karmazin said. – The government should look at this hotel niche and start to create all the conditions for its development.

Foreigners in the entrance will not pleased to everyone

The director of the first Belarusian economy hotel «Roomer» Dmitry Narkevitch long planned to open a second object, but for a long time could not find a place designated purpose. After all, to the hostel was issued all the same requirements as to the hotel. Suitable premises in the urban economy are really a one-two and miscalculated, – the head of the organization and development of the hotel industry controls for household and hotel services to the population of Minsk Executive Committee Lybov Sojka confirms

And there is look of  the Department of Tourism to this issue.

– We turned to the city and regional executive committees with request to consider the possibility of opening hostels on the basis of non-residential buildings without changing their purpose. Provided that there is no need reconstruction or major repairs, – Vadim Karmazin says.

Since these hotels are prefixed with a «mini», it is quite possible to think of their transformation from conventional apartments. But this is possible only in part. On one side, the hostel, as the hotel company has no right to infringe on this type of housing. On the other hand there is Presidential Decree № 479 on the transfer of residential to non-residential premises. That is, single-family home or premises, located on the first floor of apartment buildings, can be translated into the category of non-residential premises by decision of the City Administration. The best option it’s a premises with a separate entrance: it is not like to all the neighbors if the crowd of foreigners will ply for their porch.

The main costs are rent and utilities

Deficiency of space it’s not the only deterrent factor. Belarusian hostel owners say that for more confident of the existence of economy hostels in the hospitality market need a legislative instrument that would contain a list of issues that govern their work.

Investment flows can also speed up hostelling movement. But just investors are eyeing to the underdeveloped in Belarus business. Huge initial investments it no requires, but how much profit you can expect?

– It took us about 50 thousand dollars than create the hostel from the ground up, – the director of «Roomer» said. With the «accompanying wind» and the competent marketing work you need about two seasons than to enter into a cost-effective jet.  The main cost item is an expensive rental buildings and large public utilities. In December last year, for example, we paid 17 million rubles.  It’s a bit too much for the hotel on 38 beds. So we try to keep these 38 seats not idle once again.



Idar Aliyev, a student from Bashkiria, guest of Belarusian capital:

– I visited more than 10 hostels in different countries. I’m surprised that so few of them in Belarus. Tourism and the hostel – this is for me almost synonyms. And by the way, it’s not only saving. Some of people are going to these hotels just for the atmosphere. Well, where else will you find so many international friends?!

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