The key aspect of Belarusian chairmanship

In late October, Minsk will be hosting several top level events: sessions of the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council and the CIS Council of Heads of State
By Vladimir Mikheev

Simultaneously, consultations with the Ukrainian delegation, headed by the country’s President and Prime Minister, will be held jointly with colleagues from the Single Economic Space.

No doubt, all these events will to be arranged at a high level. Belarus chairs the CIS this year and all the landmark decisions of the CIS have been made in Minsk, where the CIS headquarters is located. Belarus has proposed a range of constructive initiatives, and is already implementing some of them. With this in mind, Alexander Lukashenko noted recently that hosting of the CIS Council of Heads of State session is a key aspect of the Belarusian chairmanship and our country attributes a significant attention to this event.

All CIS heads have already confirmed their participation in the Minsk summit, which is to be held at the Palace of Independence to ensure all possible comfort for the guests’ work.

In his talk, the President attracted attention to the fact that all organisational issues, related to the hosting of the forthcoming events, need thorough control. According to him, delegation heads and members, as well as plane crews, should enjoy their accommodation. “Everything matters here. All aspects must be at a high level for people (who leave Minsk) to be in a good mood and take away the best impression of our capital and our nation. We need to think about everything,” he said.

Mr. Lukashenko requested reports on the work which is being done in this respect, including advertising on the Internet and other mass media. With regard to image matters, the President stressed that these are overseen by the Minsk City Executive Committee. “I’m not demanding, or to be more correct, I’m extremely against the thoughtless spending of money and placing posters or flags on every building. Everything must be stylish, beautiful and convenient, covering only the places where these are truly needed,” he added.

The Foreign Minister, Vladimir Makei, informed everyone about the preparation of an agenda of these integration events, and the formation of Belarus’ position on the planned issues for discussion. Other meeting participants reported on other aspects of Minsk’s readiness for the coming events.
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