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World experience will help to bring innovative products to the market

World experience will help to bring working out to the market

How to build an innovative strategy and improve the mechanisms for providing scientific research, transfer them into production? How to simplify the process of buying foreign technology and to bring the legislation in this area to the standards adopted in the world practice? How is best adapted foreign experience to our conditions? The answers to these and many other questions specialists from Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, France, Germany, UK, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Lithuania and Moldova looked for at the International scientific-practical conference «Development of technology transfer networks for innovation».

The forum, which was organized with the support of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, SCST, the international project «LT.InnoConnect.BY  – Network of Innovative partnerships for economic development», the international project «COOL Bricks – Climate change, cultural heritage and monuments of energy-efficient», Cooperation Program «Central European Initiative» (CEI) and business associations of Belarus, was dedicated to a decade of Republican Centre for Technology Transfer (RCTT).

– From foreign partners, we can learn how to respond to the needs of the time, how to improve marketing and transfer mechanisms, – Sergei Chizhik, deputy chairman of the Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences, said. – On the other hand, we are also of interest to our partners. In the conference attended very well-known experts from a dozen countries, representatives of international organizations. And it is said that they have an interest to Belarus not only as a new market, but also as a source of technology.

– All of 10 years of our existence, we are constantly learning foreign practice of spreading innovation and today we are happy to hear those who came to us to share the experience, – the director RCTT Alexander Uspensky said. – But and we have that we are proud and of than we willing to share with foreign partners. Our information resource is the only one in the world that works for all international formats. It is very convenient for users.

Experts of RCTT consider this conference as a regular and necessary step for entry into the European Technology Transfer Network. The realization of this intention, which may be realized in 2014, will more fully represent the domestic research and development in the market of the continent, to choose the latest European technology for use at the Belarusian enterprises. Agreement on cooperation in the border regions of Belarus and Lithuania through the dissemination of innovations, signed during the conference should also help advancement to Europe. This important document was the result of the implementation of the project «Network for Innovative Cooperation for Economic Development» (LT.InnoConnect.BY), which is funded by the European Union on Programme of Cross-Border Cooperation Latvia-Lithuania-Belarus within the framework of the European Neighborhood and Partnership Instrument.

However, to maximize the benefits from selling and buying of technology on the world market, it is necessary to improve the Belarusian legislation in this area. For example, according to experts, the biggest obstacle for the commercialization of research projects, which carried out with using the budget money, is a lack of scientific group rights for its own development. These rights belong to the state in the face of state administration bodies, which is not very concerned about the fate of someone else`s creation. The very same organization-developer does not have the right to enter into a license agreement and profitably sell the technology. The most that it can do is to sign an agreement on the transfer of scientific and technical products. And it is much more modest money than the license.

Although the break the deadlock seems was outlined when the presidential decree was adopted. But document still does not work, because there is no appropriate legal framework. To develop such a mechanism, according to scientists, it is not difficult.

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