‘The city of which I am always proud…’

More than 40 festive activities were held in Minsk on the Day of Minsk City which is 947 years old

More than 40 festive activities were held in Minsk on the Day of Minsk City which is 947 years old

The date is first mentioned in the Tale of Bygone Years in 1067. Warm sunny weather gladdened Minsk residents and visitors on that day. It seems that the summer continues.


Dramatised performance near the Town Hall pleases Minsk audience

city4.pngIn the Top City concert hall, nine couples from all areas of Minsk were married. Final performances of the Festival of Street Theatres were held on the Town Hall’s square. A children’s holiday Dreams Come True was organised for the smallest in the Lebyazhy Aqua Park, while a youth holiday In the Swing of Capital took place in the territory of the Students’ Village. The fascinating programme was prepared for Minsk residents and visitors to the capital on a green zone at the crossroads of Pobediteley and Masherov Avenues, where the festival of historical reconstruction took place, while in the Pobedy Park, visitors could visit the exhibition-fair City of Masters.

In a hospitality zone near the Sports Palace, during the Second Festival of Arts of Belarusians of the World, Minsk residents and visitors received congratulations from artistes from 15 countries. And then the festive concert Melodies of Our City, with the participation of creative collectives and masters of art of Belarus took place.

city2.pngSports holidays diversified the musical programme of the City Day. For example, the Minsk Power Extreme Cup took place near the Sports Palace. The Minsk Open Roller Skate Marathon took place in Stoletov Street, while the Darya Domracheva biathlon festival was held in the Central Children’s Gorky Park. The city competitions on the technique of boating Svisloch-2014 and a competition on foot tourism Verasneyskaye Spatkanne — 2014 (September meeting) also took place in the park.

The Belarusian State Academic Musical Theatre held a ceremony of delivery of awards — ‘Minsk Citizen of the Year’. Festive activities came to an end at 9.30pm by the formal laying of wreaths and flowers to Minsk — Hero-City Memorial. The finale of the holiday was a musical and pyrotechnic fireworks show, which took place near the memorial at 10pm.

The holiday’s motto this year was — ‘The city of which I am always proud; Minsk you are the capital of my Belarus!’

Hurrah, capital!

city6.pngOn the eve of the holiday, Minsk residents received a whole range of socially significant buildings — from children’s polyclinics to shops

In the Frunzensky district, where 4 long-awaited properties opened their doors at once, the red ribbon was cut more than anywhere else. The first was a new fitness complex in Yakubovsky Street with 9 gyms for sports games, aerobics, dance, rhythmic gymnastics, wrestling, boxing, weightlifting, plus a 25-metre pool. The second gift — the children’s polyclinic #20 in Olshevsky Street has reopened after major repairs. Parents of the densely populated micro-district were waiting for this! After all, at least 15 thousand small patients will be served here. Another sports complex was constructed in Sharangovich Street and a second life was breathed into Tivoli Park near Piotr Glebka Street. The residents of the neighbouring houses did not hide their pleasure, “The green zone was considerably improved, it has had a health path added, a sports field with training simulators, and the most important thing, a children’s town. The preschool centre of development of children opened in Belyaev Street and students also celebrated a house warming as they moved to the 1,255 place reconstructed BSUIR hostel #2.”

Of course, these are valuable presents on City Day.
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