Testing across hot sands and snowy fields

Belarus joins over 1,000 companies from 60 countries in demonstrating latest achievements at IDEX International Defence Exhibition and Conference, hosted by UAE capital of Abu Dhabi
By Kirill Yevmenov

Belarus presented its launching platform and remote control device for the ‘Shershen’ anti-tank missile system publically for the first time in Abu Dhabi. The H.U.S.K.Y unmanned aerial vehicle system (with vertical take-off and landing) also aroused great interest (designed by Indela Design Bureau). A demolition control vehicle and an autonomous ‘Skif’ anti-tank missile simulator were also on show, with the public invited to try their hand. A ‘Tsitrus’ relay broadcast station was also demonstrated (able to replace ten radiolocation devices).

Minsk Wheeled Tractor Plant (MZKT) manufactures unique heavy-duty trailers able to cope with any terrain and the most difficult climatic conditions. The Russian ‘Topol-M’ strategic purpose mobile missile system operates on a MZKT chassis, as does the ‘Uragan’ multiple artillery rocket system and the S-300 and S-400 air defence missile systems.
The Belarusian ‘Bor’, ‘Polyana RB’, ‘Neman’, ‘Sprut’, ‘Prostor’, ‘Rif-R’ and ‘Protok’ automated control systems remain unrivalled worldwide, uniting combat control systems with communication and intelligence data processing and identification on the battlefield, as well as active exploration.

Belarusian enterprises have mastered the repair of S-300 air defence missile systems and improved them. Exercises on the Russian Ashuluk shooting range confirm their high quality, being able to hit even high-speed cruise missiles. Improvements to the S-300 system allow it to operate beyond the usual 30km radius of the senior command post.
Of course, the development of the Belarusian military-industrial complex, like all aspects of military modernisation, is being conducted in close co-operation with Russian partners. Our defence strength enhances that of the Union State, with which we share common goals. 

Joint strategic exercises on the Russian Ashuluk and Telemba shooting ranges allow us to assess the effectiveness of our military forces and their equipment. Last year, exercises at Ashuluk involved a Belarusian detachment equipped with the latest ‘Tor-2M’ air defence missile system, with exemplary results.

The system uses a MZKT chassis and can simultaneously identify over 40 targets. Moreover, its guidance efficiency and target recognition system is unrivalled worldwide. Two units are now operational in Belarus, with one more launching this year.

Annually, many joint Belarusian-Russian military-technical events are organised, with 2013 being no exception. President Alexander Lukashenko has approved the Zapad-2013 (West-2013) strategic exercise programme, which is scheduled to take place on Belarusian territory this autumn. Such exercises are organised every other year on a rotational basis between our two states. The forthcoming manoeuvres will include a joint Belarusian-Russian detachment for the first time, as part of the CSTO rapid response collective forces. Territorial defence troops are also taking part.
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