Technology aids health

International conference Applications for Advanced Information Technology and Remote Diagnosis in Public Health System held in Minsk
Experts from more than 10 countries have attended a conference to discuss problems regarding computer aided diagnosis and the use of technology within public health service. Experience and research results relating to remote diagnosis and the use of IT in healthcare were shared and numerous reports on IT in health care system were presented.

These included studies of the use of modelling to foresee pathological processes and the spread of disease, how IT can enable us to view advanced medical images, computerised diagnostic systems and disease forecasting and how databases of standard criteria can be used to guide medical procedures.

The remote diagnosis section was devoted to its practical applications, web-sites for patients, its use in education and training, the quality of health information on the Internet and its impact on patient care.

The International Science and Technology Center held its own session at which International projects in the field of medical applications of IT and remote diagnosis were presented.
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