Technical Olympiad gathering

General Assembly of International Electrotechnical Commission to take place in Minsk

General Assembly of International Electrotechnical Commission to take place in Minsk

It could be said that manufacturers rather than state officials or scientists invent standards and technical regulations. In order to do this effectively, they have been organising themselves into guilds and unions for almost a hundred years. The International Electrotechnical Commission currently unites members from 160 states and is a trendsetter in electronics, household appliances, machine tools and other similar products. The standards developed by the IEC apply to almost 20 percent of world trade in such products. It’s often compared with the forum at Davos in terms of the level of representation of international business, although the leaders and business magnates meet at the General Assembly rather than in Switzerland.

Hosting the Olympiad is regarded as an honour and has the advantage of giving a powerful signal to large investors that the host state is industrially developed in technical terms. Moreover, it’s a good opportunity to showcase domestic products, set up business links and find new partners. The General Assembly involves around 1,500 experts and specialists from around the world gathered together to form international technical policy. Consequently, the IEC organises its final annual events in technologically advanced countries such as Germany and Norway. The last event took place in Tokyo in 2013 and now Belarus has officially joined this group of distinguished host countries.

The IEC’s choice is not accidental. Our country has been and remains a leader within the post-Soviet region as far as the levels of engineering competence and technical potential are concerned. Our businesses are poised to make a name for themselves in the global arena of the IEC General Assembly.

By Veniamin Mikheev
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