Teaching demographers

More than $1.1m allocated to Belarus by Russian Government, United Nations Population Fund, and United Nations Children’s Fund, to improve skills of domestic demographers

The Belarusian project aims to improve the system of monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of demographic policies, as well as improving demographic education. The UN Population Fund (UNFPA) explains, “Our training activities and research will result in better use of statistical data, to guide national and regional programmes in the field of demographics. In particular, we’ll cover sociological research on family formation, stability of family relations and fertility.”

According to the Deputy UNFPA Resident Representative, Elena Kasko, this year, the Research Institute of Labour, within the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection, is to begin work on improving its system of monitoring across the social-labour sphere, assessing the demographic situation and policy. The need for expert demographers is also being assessed, as is the potential of educational institutions.

“We aren’t training demographers,” laments Ms. Kasko. “Our universities offer only a special course on the subject, failing to meet our needs. We plan to train personnel in the field of demography at the Belarusian State University.”

In addition, the project aims to enhance partnerships between interested institutions and experts from Belarus and Russia. 

By Dmitry Umpirovich
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