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Belarusian agrarians are increasing their share in overall exports

Belarusian agrarians are increasing their share in exports

Exports for our country is the strategic concept. In the list of high-quality domestic goods that are in demand abroad, appears and agricultural products. Belarusian cheeses, sausages and milk rightfully gained the trust in the foreign markets. It is expected that its implementation behind the border this year will bring the country at least $ 4.3 billion. As a result, every industry is forced to look for a «recipe» for working with foreign markets. What ways are finding agricultural producers to make a profit and build an uninterrupted chain of «our product – your money»? The more so that the export of dairy products in 2013 planned to increase by 63 %, meat products – by 40 %, production of grain processing – an average by 13–15 %.

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According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, Belarus for four months exported of food and agricultural products in excess of $ 1,8 billion, which is 14,6 % more than in January – April of last year.

Almost 70 % of the sales of agro products abroad accounted for meat and dairy products. It is not surprising, because in the country these areas of livestock are very actively developed.

In this case, the average export price fell by pork (26,7 %), beef (15,6 %), cheese (5,2 %), eggs (1,6 %), increased by poultry (0,5 %), butter (29,9 %), cheese (1,5 %), skimmed milk (18,5 %), whole milk (7,2 %), sausage products (8,4 %).

From our table – for your

The main consumers of native foods are Russia and Kazakhstan, which for 4 months bought goods for $ 1,53 billion. This is for 18,9 % more than the same period last year. On the one hand, this trend is good news, on the other – creates a dependence on the whims of neighboring markets, with what our manufacturers have been repeatedly faced. The decision is well known: to expand the horizons of sale. However, together with this issue will have to decide and the set others: how to minimize costs, get access to the market that offers the buyer of a new...

«The Ministry, together with its subordinate organizations is working on the diversification of markets of meat and dairy products. A set of additional measures worked out, which providing for the attendance at the largest and most promising markets in Asia, Africa, America, the EU, for example in Algeria, Vietnam, Venezuela, Indonesia, Iran, China, UAE, Singapore and other», – have explained in the Ministry of Agriculture and Food.

With regard to the EU market, that the supply agricultural products there are only five domestic companies whose systems meet the quality and safety of European standards – JSC  «Savushkin product», JSC «Verkhnedvinsk Creamery», JSC «Berezovsky Cheese Factory» JV «Santa Braemar» LLC, Uzda production area of «Slutsk Cheese Making Factory».  As a result, these plants have exported products within 4 months of this year at $ 24,7 million.

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