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Tariffs fully updated for energy provision

Housing and communal services will be provided without intermediaries
By Vladimir Khromov

Chairman of Committee of State Control, Alexander Yakobson told about that, speaking at a meeting at Gomelenergo, accompanied by heads of ministries, regional executive committees and regional organisations of housing and communal services.For several years, Gomel residents have been paying producer Gomelenergo directly for their heating, with positive results. Complaints have fallen three-fold and costs have reduced. Naturally, this also benefits the regional budget.

Mr. Yakobson noted, that, as the head of the working group and Chairman of the Committee of State Control, he received a direct mission from the Head of State to remove all intermediaries between heat producers and consumers. He asserted, “Regardless of personal wishes, the commission will be executed. We need to approach this problem from the state’s point of view, rather than from departmental interests. The Energy Ministry is the most powerful structure in the republic, capable of resolving any issues. There can be no doubt that it will successfully function as producer and service provider.”

President Lukashenko recently received Mr. Yakobson’s report, including the activity of the working group on housing and communal services, which he heads. The Chairman of the Committee reported on directions of work to reduce the cost of housing and communal services, via rational usage. He explained, “In particular, we plan a number of measures in housing and communal services, including payment differentiation, intermediary abolition, change of structure of management, and recalculation of norms and standards in rendering communal services — by May 1st, 2014 (unchanged since 2007).”

The transition to direct public payment for heating will be enforced gradually, over 2015 and 2016, while optimising efficiency of distribution and developing a new system of differentiated payment for enterprises/organisations and individuals.
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