Targeting international market with telecommunication innovations

National Academy of Sciences of Belarus and CISCO agree on co-operation

The National Academy of Sciences and the Belarusian representative office of the world’s largest telecommunication company — CISCO — have signed a memorandum of intentions for co-operation.


The two sides plan to develop partnership in the sphere of telecommunications and high technologies. Interaction with CISCO should open up new opportunities for Belarusian scientists in developing world level technologies and promoting their innovations to the international market. Experts from the telecommunication giant are soon to discuss definite projects for joint implementation with the NAS.


CISCO is an American transnational company and a world leader in network technologies, boasting net sales of $40bn in 2010 financial year. It supports promising sci-tech projects worldwide, such as the construction of India’s first completely ‘electronic’ city.


Meanwhile, the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus is developing sci-tech collaboration with scientific centres from Austria, the UK, Germany, Korea, China, India, Cuba, Lithuania, Poland, the USA, France and elsewhere. Last year, NAS organisations liaised on joint work with research centres from 79 countries: in Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, North and South America.

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