Tank Books Seat in Museum

Search teams replenish museum collections
Activists of the historical and patriotic club “Vikkru” have got back from their expeditions with trophies: in the vicinity of the villages Knyazhitsy and Sumarokovo, where the Red Army units defeated a German mechanized infantry division back in June 1944, they discovered fragments of the German tank “Mark-III” and fighting equipment.

“They were all handed over to the exposition center of the memorial “Buinichi Field”,” the director of the club, Sergei Borisenko, tells me. They also found a large reinforced concrete bunker near the village of Polykovichi that Nazis had exploded before leaving the area in 1994. The bunker may easily be included in a local tourist route after it has been restored.

During the expedition the searchers managed to find the names of the soldiers that perished during the Great Patriotic War and are still considered missing in action. Red Army soldiers were buried on the bank of the river Sozh in the Krichev District. They had all been drafted in Russia’s Sverdlovsk Region. In the Bykhov District another mass burial of Russian soldiers was discovered.

Besides, a German tank is lying on the bottom of Black Lake (and waiting to be raised from the water, cleaned and sent to the museum “Buinichi Field”). It is a very tough task to take the heavy killing machine out of the lake, but the club is certain it will succeed.

by Olga Kiseleva
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