Taking our electronics to Japan

Belarusians introduce their scientific innovations at international Techno-Frontier Expo in Tokyo, Japan
By Dmitry Sechenov

Taking electronics to Japan is rather like taking your own samovar to Russian Tula. Nevertheless, they were among the main exhibits of Belarus at the Tokyo International Exhibition Centre in mid-July, for the Electronic & Mechatronic Devices and Components Techno-Frontier 2013 Expo.

The State Committee for Science and Technology organised our stand, at which 35 research and development, educational and academic establishments and enterprises were represented, alongside private research-and-production companies. The pavilion covered 144 square metres, showing about 150 electronics, mechatronics, green energy and energy efficiency exhibits.

Techno-Frontier unites 11 specialised industrial exhibitions, covering such spheres as electro technical devices, drive mechanisms and transmission mechanisms, automatic control and operation systems, software products, energy transmission and protection against electromagnetic waves. A conference on innovations in the field of electronics was well attended, exploring today’s trends.

Last year, more than 450 companies and research centres showcased their scientific and research products at the event, rising to about 500 this year. 
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