Taking into account customers’ wishes

Bobruisk Tractor Parts and Aggregates Plant supplying tractors to Asian and African states this month

By Sergey Kulyagin

The enterprise began to manufacture its ‘Belarus-311’ tractor in late 2010, with the Asian and African markets initially chosen as the major sales markets. The design was simplified to adapt it to operating conditions in Asia, with a Chinese engine replacing the Italian version, and no cabin used, considerably reducing the cost of the vehicle. The first ‘Belarus-311’ tractors have already been dispatched to Pakistan, with the second batch currently being prepared for delivery. This year, up to 500 vehicles may be supplied to Pakistani consumers.

Clients from other countries in the Middle East and North Africa are also taking an interest in this new agricultural machinery. Over the last two months, contracts have been signed for the supply of tractors to Iraq and Afghanistan, while contracts with partners in Iran and Taiwan are in their final stage of approval.

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