Tailoring new machines’ design to various needs

First fully Belarusian dustcart produced in Minsk
By Alexander Svetlov

The MAZ-6902V5 Sapfir rear load dustcart will be used to collect municipal waste, boasting 24 cubic metres of capacity, able to carry at least 15 tonnes. A prototype came off the assembly line some time ago, with technical requirements co-ordinated with the Ministry of Housing and Communal Services.

In 2013, the plant plans to produce at least ten of the new design, which will be destined for rural areas; its rear drive lacks enough manoeuvrability to negotiate city streets of parked cars. In 2014, a side drive model should come into production — more suitable for cities. Incidentally, the new design is 20-30 percent cheaper than imported Western models, which cost about 150,000 Euros (not including shipping costs or customs duties). The Sapfir is priced at just Br1.1bn.

The plant’s new triaxial articulated MAZ-650108-225-000 dump truck is for use in transporting grain, with a convenient unloading platform to the right side. Each trailer can carry 20 tonnes. Its first customer is in Ukraine, explains chief designer Pavel Karankevich, of Mogilevtransmash (Minsk branch). He notes, “Ukraine leads in growing crops and needs an alternative to rail transport. It declared a tender, which the Minsk Automobile Plant won.” The technical requirements for the new grain carrier were co-ordinated with the Ukrainian customer. There are plans to produce 1,000 of these grain carriers, with a modified model designed for the Belarusian and Russian market.
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