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Quality of life as viewed by specialists
“Auditors have been working hard as never before since Belarusian companies started to adopt quality management systems,” the chairman of the Standardization Committee with the Council of Ministers, Valery Koreshkov, told a news conference.

What does this mean to us? The closer the European Union border the higher quality goods Belarus should supply to foreign markets in order to stand the heavy competition. As of today 500 companies have adopted ISO 9000 quality management standards, 54 companies have ecological management certificates, and 40 enterprises have introduced the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) system. A total of 739 commodities may bear “CE” marks, which allow regular supplies to the European Union.

Belarus is improving its services. Mandatory certification will be introduced for realtors, service stations, hairdresser’s saloons, dry cleaners, travel agencies and tour operators next year.

“Quality of services means quality of life,” says Neolina Prokhorchik, head of the certification department of the Standardization Committee. “We do not have mandatory certification of services of railway transport now. However, high-quality trains certify their services on a voluntary basis. Such trains [that have their own names, Belarus, Minsk or Sozh] are not allowed to offer you flax linen that has been used for more than two years. You will also be able to order hot breakfast instead of “dry rations”.”
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