Sunrise for solar energy sphere

Foundations for development of this branch established in Belarus

By Olga Belyavskaya

The Deputy Academician-Secretary of the National Academy of Sciences’ Department for Physics, Mathematics and Informatics, Sergey Kilin, recently announced at the 3rd Congress of Belarus’ Physicists that ‘it’s possible to continuously transform solar light into electricity’, adding that ‘our task is to do this efficiently’. On establishing the foundations of solar energy development, Belarusian scientists are keen to reduce the price of available technologies.

“The cost of the elements we currently use is rather high, so the transformation of solar light into electricity is correspondingly costly. Our physicists are working to make these elements cheaper and, accordingly, more accessible to consumers,” noted the scientist, adding that success directly depends on fundamental research.

In developing technologies and innovative solutions for solar energy, our domestic scientists are closely liaising with European colleagues (primarily, from Germany and Spain). They’re sharing experience and jointly realising sci-tech projects.

According to Mr. Kilin, physics is the focus of modern science, tackling almost every sphere — including machine building and medicine. Belarusian developments in the field are highly appreciated by the international scientific community, including unique medical devices for treating a wide range of illnesses and a laser system to allow heavy trucks vision under severe climatic conditions. Scientists are now preparing proposals for the future Belarusian nuclear power station, while continuing studies in the fields of molecular physics and nano-photonics.

Participants of the Minsk Congress debated fundamental knowledge, materials, technologies and methods of diagnosis, in addition to physics’ contribution into such spheres as energy saving, ecology and medicine. The role of this science in human life was discussed and about 250 reports were delivered by scientists from Belarus, Ukraine, Estonia, the USA, China, Japan, Germany and the SAR.

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