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<img class="imgl" alt="" src=""/>The star of the 19-year-old Belarusian tennis-player Victoria Azarenko rises this year <br />
The star of the 19-year-old Belarusian tennis-player Victoria Azarenko rises this year .

She will become 20 on July 31st. She is among top ten of world players. Transition from junior tennis, where Azarenko won grand slam tournaments and was recognized the strongest in the world in 2005, was difficult. However, she put a bold face on, showed her mettle, stood out, and celebrated the first victories. In the beginning season, she has already won the world tennis primas at the tournaments in Brisbane and Memphis. She fought off the main favourite, Russian Dinara Safina, in the at WTA tournament in Indian-Wales (prize fund — 4.5 million US Dollars) quarterfinals. This defeat hindered Safina from being the first world racket.
“I am on friendly terms with Dinara and Lena Vesnina,” says Vika and smiles. “almost with everybody except Sharapova. They say that she has Belarusian roots but they seem to be rather week. Anyway, she doesn’t speak about Belarus or something else with me and other tennis-players…”
Azarenko is a sunny girl. That is why people like her and try to help her. When she made her first steps on the court, Olga Barabanschikova, one of the best Belarusian tennis-players of the beginning of the 2000th, presented her racket to Vika. After she went training abroad, she settled in the house of the NHL star Nikolay Khabibulin. He is still dear to her. No wonder, as Nikolay’s wife comes from Minsk and Khabibulin likes to vacate in the Belarusian capital. Do you believe now that the most beautiful girls are here?
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