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Such choice definitely brings special responsibility

Presidential elections in Belarus must be open, fair, peaceful and in strict accordance with Belarusian legislation and international obligations
Presidential elections in Belarus must be open, fair, peaceful and in strict accordance with Belarusian legislation and international obligations, underlines Alexander Lukashenko at the session discussing topical domestic policy issues Mr. Lukashenko notes that the Central Election Commission has submitted its request to hold Presidential elections on October 11th, 2015, stating, “I believe that our deputies will support the Central Election Commission’s suggestion; most likely, elections will take place on October 11th.” Mr.Lukashenko dismisses criticism from the political opposition concerning Presidential elections being held one month earlier than necessary. He says, “What do they mean by earlier? Only Parliament can define the date. As far as I understand, Parliament has never announced a date. The Central Election Commission has only announced a deadline for carrying out Presidential elections.”

The Head of State notes that all election campaigns must represent the will of the people. He emphasises, “A presidential election is the main political event for any country, but especially for ours, where the powers of the President are great. Voting in favour of a candidate, citizens of Belarus choose the destiny of the state: how we will progress and where to, as well as the method of development.”

He considers that the forthcoming Presidential elections are a test for all bodies of power, ‘before the people, and before those who entrust us with the destiny of Belarus’. He believes that the results will show public opinion and will guide our strategy of further development.

Mr. Lukashenko notes that the Central Election Commission will play the main role in holding the election campaign, as is dictated by our national legislation. “From the announcement of the Presidential elections, only the Central Election Commission will be engaged in organising and holding the country’s election campaign. All the others, including myself, will participate only as is required by the Central Election Commission. Any statements or initiatives should be co-ordinated with the Chair of the Central Election Commission,” the President notes. At the same time, local authorities will help solve economic and organisational issues, as usual.

“We face serious and responsible tasks. We should prepare to hold Presidential elections primarily, openly, and, secondly, fairly. Thirdly, they should be peaceful and, the most important thing is that they strictly adhere to Belarusian legislation and the obligations we’ve undertaken before international organisations,” Mr. Lukashenko states.

He notes that nobody is forbidden to observe the elections: ‘neither internal observers, nor foreign’. “Let them watch and draw corresponding conclusions,” the President comments. “At the same time, I want to underline that political stability, peace and consent are basic elements of the consecutive social and economic development of the country. Peace, quiescence and stability are more important than any electoral campaign or any presidential, parliamentary or other elections. They arethe destiny of our people and our country.”

According to the Head of State, disturbing events within the international arena, including near the borders of Belarus, inspire us to place security first. He is keen to see the heads of all authorities providing accurate and regular functioning of state apparatus, with strict operational discipline, and full co-ordination within the chain of command and power structures.

Mr. Lukashenko notes that the Central Election Commission and officials are obliged to take all measures to ensure that the elections are organised at the highest and most worthy level, with a detailed study of all aspects: from informing voters, to creating equal conditions for all candidates.

The Head of State has heard reports on volumes of financing for the forthcoming campaign, as well as questions of safeguarding public security and how election commissions are being formed, as well as issues of transparency of voting and counting of votes, and which international observers are being invited.

By Vladimir Khromov
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