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Success of 18 year old athlete

Belarusian athletes claim ten medals at Paralympic Games in London, with six earned by swimmer Igor Boky — our five-time Paralympic champion
By Valentin Orlov

The current Games have proven terrific for the 18 year old from Bobruisk, who has made his debut in the S13 category for athletes with limited sight. He finished five of seven distances with a gold medal, winning six medals in total and breaking seven world records!

On August 31st, Boky won the 100m butterfly. By the middle of the race, the four-time European champion was placed second but managed to seize the lead, outstripping Russian Roman Dubovoy. On September 1st, Boky became a silver medallist in the 50m freestyle while Charles Bouwer from the South African Republic took gold.

Boky rallied on September 2nd, winning the 100m freestyle, leaving Bouwer with silver, and setting another world record. On September 3rd, another world record brought a gold in the 100m backstroke while, on September 4th, he claimed victory in the 400m freestyle — ahead of Ukrainian Danylo Chufarov by more than seven seconds. Boky finished the Paralympics with victory in the 200m medley.

“I enter each race with the intention of winning,” asserts the five-time world champion, simultaneously issuing a challenge to Michael Phelps. “Of course, our medals are different but I admit that it was extremely difficult for me to win; I strained every sinew. I’ll be tackling this issue seriously, trying to give Phelps a ‘remote’ thorn in his side. I’d also like to beat my friend Pavel Sankovich.”

In 2016, Boky hopes to join the national Olympic team. The Belarusian team also won three bronze medals at the Paralympic Games: Alexander Subota for a long jump of 14m — a personal record; Lyudmila Volchek for her rowing singles; and Anna Kanyuk for the long jump — a personal record.
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