Success in Singapore

Belarusians among 40 best teams at World Cyber Games Grand Final in Singapore
The debut of the Belarusian team was truly amazing. Yaroslav Kavetsky was the best in his WarCraft III group beating Spaniards, Russians, Norwegians and Germans. The StarCraft maestro Anton Plebanovich was the second best in his group, enough to grant him access to the final 32.

The Belarusians met with the strongest gamers of the world and were invited to take part in cyber games championships in Russia, Ukraine and Georgia.

The WCG 2005 Grand Final was held over five days in Singapore - marking the first year the event has been held outside Korea. More than 700 gamers from 67 countries and the prize money totaling $435,000.
The Belarusian team that took part in Counter-Strike, WarCraft III and StarCraft clashes are all winners of the national WCG Preliminary 2005 qualifiers, in which some 1,000 people participated.
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