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Subbotnik works bring results

More than Br62bn was saved during the national subbotnik in Belarus
President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, took part in the nationwide subbotnik on April 12th, joining officials, students from the Belarusian State Medical University and triple Olympic Champion and Hero of Belarus Darya Domracheva akt the construction site for the new obstetric and gynaecological department of Minsk hospital №5

The maternity clinic is becoming one of the largest in Belarus, meeting all modern sanitary requirements and offering comfort to staff and patients. Its quality of services and diagnostics is of the highest level, featuring a 21st century laboratory, physiotherapy and functional diagnostics rooms, and modern premises for medical university chairs.

The capital’s hospitals and clinics have received much attention recently, with 56 renovated and newly opened sites launching between 2010 and 2013. At present, four polyclinics are under construction. Belarus’ Deputy Prime Minister, Anatoly Tozik, tells us, “According to preliminary figures, nearly 3.3 million people took part in the republican subbotnik in Belarus, saving more than Br62bn.” Minsk saw the most weighty contribution: over Br19.7bn. Residents of the Gomel Region saved Br9.2bn, while those in the Brest Region donated Br7.2bn of their time and Vitebsk Region citizens saved the state Br7bn. The Mogilev Region saved Br6.9bn, the Minsk Region Br6.5bn, and the Grodno Region more than Br5.7bn.

Countrywide, industrial manufacturing generated Br180bn of goods that day. In Minsk, 680,000 people were involved, with the Gomel Region having the second most volunteers: 510,000. The Brest Region saw more than 489,000 take part, followed by the Minsk Region, with 426,000 citizens donating their time.  The Vitebsk Region had over 404,000 volunteers, closely followed by the Mogilev Region, with 403,000. The Grodno Region saw over 373,000 people take part.

Most subbotnik tasks aim to beautify residents’ towns, as well as erecting memorials to historical sites — including those linked to military glory and burial places from the Great Patriotic War and First World War. Some volunteers worked on preparing children’s summer camps.

Money saved from the subbotnik is being directed to the Ministry of Health for the construction of a centre for positron-emission tomography, at the Republican Centre for Oncology and Medical Radiology (named after N.N. Alexandrov). Its technology will allow ultraprecise diagnosis of malignant tumours at an early stage. Mr. Tozik notes, “The centre is being created at the President’s order, at great cost. Construction began in 2013, and it should come into operation next year, helping save many lives.”
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